The conference allowed for a nice overview of the challenges affecting the industry

My LogiChem Story by Bret Bement:

Supply Chain Director, PetroChemicals


First Year Attended: 2019

How he Participated: Attendee

This conference provides a unique opportunity to benchmark against the industry, explore trends and expand on existing capabilities

My goals in attending the event were to learn, benchmark and explore…

This was my first time attending and I was looking forward to hearing what others in the industry were doing – what projects they were involved in, what technologies they were exploring, where we stood against them. This is important for any company looking to maintain their momentum of growth.

The best part of the conference was the exhibit hall …

It was such an interesting place to be. I have no problems with speaking to vendors about the different technologies they offer. I view it as a learning opportunity for me – something to keep in mind when we look to implement a new strategy or create an efficiency in process. The event gave us access to a whole bunch of technology solution in one place – AI, blockchain, supply chain specific solutions, etc.

LogiChem continues to be a priority for us to attend

More than anything, this conference provides us with a platform to look back at existing relationships, to expand on current capabilities and benchmark against the industry

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