LogiChem US 2018

November 12-November 13, 2018

Philadelphia, PA


OM Partners

OM Partners
OM Partners is a leading software and consulting company delivering Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling Solutions for semi process industries such as the chemicals industry in particular. AkzoNobel, Sadara, BASF, Eastman Chemicals, Johnson&Johnson, Cristal, Taminco and Huntsman are just some of our satisfied customers. OMP Plus, the integrated solution, features a number of unique capabilities for managing and optimizing industry specific constraints on various planning levels: co- and by-products management, campaign planning, tank scheduling, S&OP, optimization and flawless integration with ERP systems including a certified SAP interface. OMP Plus is an integrated solution for all planning related issues, from the strategic down to the operational level. Its visionary technology makes integrated demand planning, inventory optimization, S&OP, supply and response planning, scheduling and sequencing a reality. OMP Plus helps companies reduce supply chain costs and throughput times and increases reliability of delivery dates and customer service. With over 300 customers and over 600 implementations, OM Partners has established solid partnerships all over the world.

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Website: ompartners.com