LogiChem US 2017

November 13-November 14, 2017

The Westin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Day One: Digitization 4.0: Implementing Forward-Thinking Strategies For A Customer-Centric Supply Chain

7:45 AM - 8:45 AM Continental Breakfast & Registration

8:45 AM - 8:50 AM Welcome Remarks

Paula Conlon, Content Director, Logichem


Paula Conlon

Content Director

8:50 AM - 9:00 AM Chairperson's Opening Address

9:00 AM - 9:20 AM Exploring Supply Chain Leadership Development: A Look Into The Future Of Procurement

Mark Porter, Leader, Sourcing and Logistics, DuPont
We’re kicking off LogiChem with some insights to an important question: What incorporates strong leadership? After all, a roadmap for a customer-centric supply chain is nothing without talent to uphold it. Before we get into the bread and butter of where and how you can digitize your supply chain, Mark Porter from DuPont will bring his decades of leadership experience to show you how he grew general manager expertise from senior-level sourcing responsibilities, all while maintaining industry standards for safety. Hear DuPont’s story on how to:
  • Develop and identify basic leadership characteristics that fit your supply chain model
  • Evaluate tools to constructively communicate, motivate, and evaluate performance—now, and ten years from now
  • Execute business and supply chain case scenario testing


Mark Porter

Leader, Sourcing and Logistics

9:20 AM - 9:40 AM Fireside Chat: Exploring Digitization To Improve Supply Chain Performance – What You Need To Begin Your Journey

Andrew O'Connor, Global Director and Head, Digital SC Development, BASF
As the top global chemical manufacturer, you can bet that BASF is leading the charge on digitization. If you feel left behind, we have good news. Andrew O’Connor, Global Director and Head of Digital Supply Chain Development at BASF, is here to talk about lessons learned in this intimate session. Interested in how he identified which areas of supply chain and logistics should be overhauled and where technology efficiencies could actually be gained? Then this is a session you can’t miss. Build a business plan and walk away with next steps on:
  • Managing expectations around going digital – changing the mindset from “just because” to understanding that it is the backbone of performance and increasing customer expectations
  • Identifying other areas outside of inventory and tracking that are ready to become digital
  • Creating standards around connectivity and performance that are effectively communicated throughout the organization


Andrew O'Connor

Global Director and Head, Digital SC Development

9:40 AM - 10:20 AM Panel: Creating A Customer-Centric Supply Chain That Focuses On Dependability

Bill Duty, Head, Supply Chain, Altana Joel Kamp, Head, Logistics and Central Transport Management, Linde Group
How are you benchmarking with other companies? Are you identifying innovative practices to free up working capital that you haven’t yet deployed? In what ways are you reducing inventory for outstanding base sales without affecting your customers? How are you finding ways to keep track of your working capital objectives? Are these questions making your palms sweat? Never fear—our panel of experts is here to share some insights on how they helped instill a dependability-first mindset within their supply chain and logistics departments. Understand the factors behind:
  • Reducing complexities on a consistent basis
  • Remaining flexible to your customers when complexities happen
  • Ensuring real-time communication: produce the right volumes of material, track your delivery to your customers accurately, and highlight any roadblocks along the way

Bill Duty

Head, Supply Chain

Joel Kamp

Head, Logistics and Central Transport Management
Linde Group

10:20 AM - 11:00 AM Morning Refreshment & Networking Break

11:00 AM - 11:20 AM Tackling The Big Roll Out Or Upgrade Of A Global ERP

David Kobe, Global Director, Logistics, Albemarle
Getting everyone on the same page is hard enough within your own organization. When technologies need to get rolled out globally, or an existing global ERP needs an upgrade, that’s an entirely different nightmare; but according to David Kobe, it doesn’t have to be. As the Global Director of Logistics, David has been there and done that, and he’s ready to share with you all how to streamline the complexities to create a global standard. Gain clarity on ways to:
  • Evaluate your resources based on current forecasts and a new supply chain structure
  • Incorporate BPO for new product development and distribution
  • Implement a demand planning tool to interface with your ERP


David Kobe

Global Director, Logistics

11:20 AM - 11:40 AM Cargo Securing Innovation: Driving Value Through Safe, Effective And Efficient Cargo Securing

Donna McPherson, President, North America, Cordstrap
  • Understand the important role cargo securing plays in your supply chain and logistics strategy
  • Navigate the regulatory landscape and be aware of latest developments
  • Learn what your business opportunity regarding TCO is


Donna McPherson

President, North America

11:40 AM - 12:30 PM Panel Revolution: Exploring Real-Time Tools And Technologies That Improve Communication To Your Customers

Clayton Beale, Manager, IT Supply Chain and Logisitcs, Axalta Coating Systems Joel Kamp, Head, Logistics and Central Transport Management, Linde Group
The best customer is a knowledgeable customer, but they can’t become that way if you do not know where service falls down. It’s critical to have a service model that enables your customers to make decisions, taking cost out of their own operations and cementing their trust with your organization. Our panelists will discuss how to develop a self-reliant customer through technology, and how to build a business case to invest. What’s more is that they will involve you in the conversation with their own thought-provoking questions in LogiChem’s most interactive panel format yet. Learn how to:
  • Explore technologies and TCO for implementing solutions like CRM tools, email support, and live chat
  • Improve workforce availability for your customers, segmenting your customer base to lighten demands on your internal teams while still providing quality service
  • Manage customer requests and expectations during complex issues that require your intervention


Clayton Beale

Manager, IT Supply Chain and Logisitcs
Axalta Coating Systems

Joel Kamp

Head, Logistics and Central Transport Management
Linde Group

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Luncheon For All Attendees

General Session

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM Working Group: Ensuring Data Accuracy And Integrity

Ian Cornelius, Performance Analysis, Braskem
With digitization’s increasing importance in keeping up with customers’ ever-evolving expectations, the time has come for companies to recognize the role of master data management and governance in IBP. Ian Cornelius of Braskem, an expert in business analytics, is one of the bigger proponents of this integration between MDM and IBP. He’s here to shed light on how to create centers of excellence that manage your data, the very thing you use to make informed business decisions. Do you care about your metrics? Of course you do. Hear from Ian on how to make them better and:
  • Learn which data ownership model is best for your organization
  • Determine the risks and benefits of using third party versus in-house tools for MDM
  • Understand the required skill sets in staffing an MDM group


Ian Cornelius

Performance Analysis

General Session

2:00 PM - 2:20 PM Considerations When Utilizing A Contract Manufacturer

Eric Mittlefehldt, Vice President, Development and Contract Manufacturing, ORG Chem Group
As Vice President of ORG CHEM Group, Eric Mittlefehldt has global responsibility for the company’s custom toll processing and contract manufacturing business. It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about making informed decisions on who should handle your business. If you lack manufacturing or technical capabilities in certain regions, or if you are unsure when you should be taking advantage of contract manufacturers, then this session is for you. Gain insights on how to:
  • Determine if you have the assets available to manufacture new products or if a contract manufacturer is required
  • Develop a tolling strategy for contract manufacturers
  • Provide the right demand forecast so raw materials can be reserved from ramp to life


Eric Mittlefehldt

Vice President, Development and Contract Manufacturing
ORG Chem Group
What does growth, regionally and globally, mean to your business—and what metric do you need to hit to say you achieved it? When you reach that benchmark, of course, the work doesn’t stop there. Having a forecast set up to indicate potential lags in growth is a critical factor in maintaining that progress, which is why we have gathered our panel of global supply chain strategists to share lessons learned on how to not just achieve growth, but maintain it. This panel covers how to:
  • Identify critical supply networks and materials to support region-specific growth
  • Manage customer and partner expectations based on capacity and expected lead times
  • Expedite a process for sound forecasting in this new reality


Mark Wells

Global Director, Supply Chain
Air Liquide

Michele van Krieken

Global Manager, Supply Chain

David Adams

Manager, Supply Chain

General Session

3:00 PM - 3:10 PM Innovation Spotlight

Creative Boardroom Sessions

1:30 PM - 2:20 PM Bulk Manufacturing Creative Boardroom

A facilitated strategy and best practice discussion around supply chain and logistics optimization from the unique perspective of your fellow bulk chemical manufacturers.

Spots reserved for the first 15 people. To request yours, contact Paula Conlon at 646.200.7516 or paula.conlon@wbresearch.com

Creative Boardroom Sessions

2:20 PM - 3:10 PM Petrochemical Manufacturing Creative Boardroom

A facilitated strategy and best practice discussion around supply chain and logistics optimization from the unique perspective of your fellow petrochemical manufacturers.

Spots reserved for the first 15 people. To request yours, contact Paula Conlon at 646.200.7516 or paula.conlon@wbresearch.com

3:10 PM - 3:50 PM Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break

3:10 PM - 3:50 PM Women In Supply Chain Happy Hour

Meet up and trade business cards over cocktails in this peer-led discussion group focused on work-life balance and more!

General Session

3:50 PM - 4:40 PM Panel Revolution: Supply Chain Design: Realigning Roles And Responsibilities

Dwight Price, Category Manager, Rail and Equipment, DuPont Gaëlle Bellet, Global Director, Supply Chain, Arkema
When redesigning your supply chain for future benefit, identifying the gaps in your process mapping is just as important as removing excess. Do you have the right people in place? Are their roles and responsibilities clearly outlined? These are just a few questions that come to mind in the beginning of the process. If balancing supply chain design and training is something you think your company could use a boost on, this panel will provide you with key takeaways on:
  • Effectively matching skill sets with training
  • Evaluating the cost and time benefits of training versus bringing in people with different skill sets
  • Best practices for continually tracking and updating to analyze future workforce needs and developments


Dwight Price

Category Manager, Rail and Equipment

Gaëlle Bellet

Global Director, Supply Chain

Creative Boardroom Sessions

3:50 PM - 4:40 PM Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Creative Boardroom

Mark Wells, Global Director, Supply Chain, Air Liquide
A facilitated strategy and best practice discussion around supply chain and logistics optimization from the unique perspective of your fellow specialty chemical manufacturers.

Spots reserved for the first 15 people. To request yours, contact Paula Conlon at 646.200.7516 or paula.conlon@wbresearch.com


Mark Wells

Global Director, Supply Chain
Air Liquide

4:40 PM - 4:50 PM Ten Minute Stretch

1. Veteran Hiring Programs: Capitalizing On Transferrable Skillsets
Steve Ahern, Manager, Supply Chain Operational Design, BASF

2. S&OP vs. IBP: What’s Realistic For Your Business Model?
Ephraim Rabin, CEO, Parchem Fine & Specialty Chemicals

3. Internal Struggle: Promoting Supply Chain As A Career To Recruit And Retain Top Talent
Gaëlle Bellet, Global Director, Supply Chain, Arkema

Tables 4-6: Have an innovative technology or story to share? For more information on how to be a part of the discussion and to sponsor a roundtable, contact Meg McNeel, Director of Sponsorship Sales & Strategy at 646.200.7470 or meg.mcneel@wbresearch.com


Steve Ahern

Manager, Supply Chain Operational Design

Ephraim Rabin

Chief Executive Officer
Parchem Fine & Specialty Chemicals

Gaëlle Bellet

Global Director, Supply Chain

5:50 PM - 6:50 PM Taste of Philadelphia Welcome Reception

6:50 PM - 6:50 PM End of Day One